Irish Softcoated Wheaten Terriers


Born 27-2-2012
out of Camacha Nevan and Camacha Tara
3 males

Championshipclubmatch 2011
Judge: Mrs. Y. Cannon

Camacha Yannick, VG
Camacha Zedric, VG
Irish Rover's Keegan, 2Ex
Camacha Coyle, 3Ex
Camacha Dubhglas,VG
Camacha Xara, VG
Camacha Vonny, VG
Camacha Bradaigh, 2Ex
Camacha Zonne, 2Ex
Camacha Tara, 2Ex

Terriershow Wijchen, 3-4-2011
Judge: Mrs. L. Borst-Borreman

Camacha Braidagh,juniorclass, 1 excellent
and Junior Champion 2011

Show Groningen, 6-3-2011
Judge: Mrs. Bons-de Wever
Camacha Zonne, openclass, 1excellent
Camacha Braidagh, juniorclass, 2 excellent

Wheaten Top 10 2010
Camacha Zonne, runner up and best female 2010

Our D-litter is born on 19th december

Show Wijchen 13-12-2010
Judge: Mrs. J. Bode-v.d Meeberg

Camacha Zonne, openclass, 1 Excellent, BOB
Camacha Braidagh, juniorclass, 1 Excellent, res.CAC


Championshipclubmatch, 12-9-2010
Judge: Mrs.L. Erhart

Camacha Tara Best Bitch KCM 2010

Irish Rover's Keegan Juniorclass 1Excellent
Camacha Brian Juniorclass 2Excellent
Bailehannah Iobhar Barun Veteranclass 2Excellent
Camacha Nevan Veteranclass 1Excellent
Camacha Zedric Openclass 4Very Good
Glenariff Aoibh Openclass 1Excellent
Camacha Bradaigh Juniorclass 1Excellent
Camacha Zonne Breederclass 2Excellent
Camacha Tara Championclass 1Excellent BOS
Camacha Proinnseas Veteranclass 2Excellent

Show Hulten, 5-6-2010
Judge: Mrs.M. Jansen-Kalshoven
Camacha Zonne, 4 Excellent
Glennarif Aoibh, 3 Excellent

Show Leiden, 20-3-2010
Judge: Mrs. J. Bode-v.d. Meeberg
Camacha Zonne, CAC/CACIB BOB
Glennarif Aoibh, res.CAC

Nevans son Fëanáro Niallan Naomhan took BOB at Crufts 2010!
We congratulate owner Richard Dalton and breeder Marianne Baas Becking!

Wheaten Top 10 2009
Camacha Zonne takes 3rd place and Best Bitch in the Wheaten Top 10 2009 Holland
Camacha Tara takes 4th place in the WheatenTop 10 2009 Holland

New additions to our kennel, from Sweden:
Irish Rover's Keegan (Ivar)
see Our males

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